40 and looking for love.

Wow there is a headline to make them swipe left! Something mysterious happened when my dating profile updated at the turn of my 40th birthday… What happened to all the matches? Suddenly my match ratio was as slow as the district line with signal failures. I kept swiping right but alas no matches.

Ok, ok, maybe there were (are) some matches, but somehow, they changed from hot, fit men with jobs and swagger to men with thick necks and a kind of serial killer look. What does a serial killer look like you may ask? Well… who the fuck knows really, but after getting hooked to Netflix’s Making a Murderer and various other crime docs (a result of the lack of dates) yep I’d say they look like those kinda men… Did they do it? They did it! Ohhh, but did they? Who the fuck cares really, I just want a date and to get out of the damn house as watching Netflix is not going to get me the ‘chill’ I want and need. Anyhoo I digress…

So, my dating life simply dropped off a vertical cliff edge and I will admit a good period of misery and self-depreciating bullshit took over. Why was I not coupled up like most of my friends? For whatever reason, here I am, 40, fly as fuck and looking for love. Yes, I did just toot my own horn there, well if I don’t who will? Dating apps are the number one place to meet and date in London, but good god they can kill your spirit. So, while I’m in the mood and feeling good I’ll put it out there again, I am a catch. A great catch. A badass, sexy, tall, intellectual, smart, creative, quirky and all-round good person catch. Where is my match? I am sure he is real close, so here I am… Forty and looking for love.

40 Dates will be my dating diary to keep me positive and focused in this search for love. As a friend said to me the other day ‘everything in life is just a game – you just got to get good at playing it’. So, dating game… here I am, open, vulnerable, daring and excited to find my man. I’m ready to play!

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