Drip feed dater

What is this you may ask? Well a quick Google search will bring up a couple definitions of ‘drip feed’, but not necessarily in context of dating, but this definition fits my definition perfectly:

Drip feeding is essentially the process of scheduling the delivery of content to the user, so that they don’t get all the content at once.

google search

So we met at a Xmas party, I was all excited and happy to have met a handsome and sexy man in real life (IRL) who was asking me for my number and telling me all about himself while we sat down away from the music for a while. I thought oh hello! Boom the end of 2019 and I’ve got a hot date! We ended the night like naughty teenagers making out behind the columns outside this city nightclub. Whey hey I’ve pulled!!!

We had a hot date and talked all through Xmas on the phone. Yes we talked. I know right! Real conversation… Fuck me I’m beginning to think this might actually turn into something.

Although I went away for NYE, kept up contact and upon my return we had another hot date. One which ended up back at mine… With some very nice action. Ok well it was hot, I liked it and I like him. We didn’t go all the way, but seriously I could have!

But then what happened? Drip drip. It’s like the content delivery system kicked in. Slow ass, boring texts and oh my God I’m actually looking for blue ticks…

I call him out on this and ask what’s up? ‘oh nothing babe… Just been busy…’ oh hell no! What kinda bullshit is this? But he carries on telling me ‘it’s nothing like that, I like you let’s do something this week’. This week comes and goes… Drip drip. 

Oh my days. Dude if you are not into me, turn the feed off and don’t waste my time because the drip drip is driving me crazy!

So in my mind this is done. Think I’m about ready to turn off the life support.

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