Date 2 – I want to kiss you right now

I met this tall chap at a party at which when we arrived, my girl friends stated ‘there is no one here over a 5’ (out of 10). Well it’s amazing what 2 bottles of prosecco will do for your perception. We got talking after someone walked passed and let off some almighty stinker of a fart… ‘it wasn’t me!’ he stated’ which made me laugh. Like I said he was tall, also dark and handsome – I thought, ok more than a 5 for sure.

One of my ‘manifestations’ is that I want my man to make me laugh, life is so hard and someone to make me giggle is a top attribute. I’m calling it a manifestation rather than a tick list because:

  1. Any single woman who says she has a tick list usually gets shot down and blamed for her own singledom, because ‘its not about ticks…’ Blah de fucking blah.
  2. I’m thinking real hard about the type of man I want in my life and the way I want him to make me feel… HAPPY!

Back to the man in hand. He’s also about 5 years younger than me…totally age appropriate.

We meet at the cheesiest bar for a drink which is actually quite fun as they were literally playing the whole dirty dancing soundtrack mixed in with Elton John, Whitney and Wham, this was the perfect ice breaker and ensured good laughs and conversation. So, two drinks in, when he looks me dead in the eye and says… ‘I want to kiss you right now’, I am amused and what with the chintzy music well why not! Yep we were that couple in a bar snogging each other’s faces off. One snog leads to another, and then another cocktail bar and more street snogging and then to him at my door, snogging. I had to hide my face from the neighbours who avoided the lift as we were in the doorway. Why just the doorway you may ask? Well although it’s been dry January, it is the first date!

We had talked a lot all evening about life and hopes and dreams, actually really nice chat, but I got the impression he didn’t really know what he wanted in life as yet, oh AND he lives with his parents! I called it a night and told him ‘you are not coming up so I’ma kiss you goodnight now’.

I wouldn’t have minded seeing him again, as he was cool but I wasn’t going to hold out for it, or thinking about it much. A week later I got a message from him explaining how lovely it was to have met me, how wonderful I am and wishing me the best in finding my true love, but it wasn’t him.

You know what? This was actually refreshing… No awkward shit texting, no ghosting, no avoiding calls, just a straight up thanks and good luck and the feeling was mutual. I like this approach as I know how it feels to be ghosted and the ghost. So with the smallest of flutters (butterfly effect) I’ll take that positive energy and use that same line next time ‘I’m just not into him’.


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