Date 3 – Friend zone

Date 3 was an interesting one… I’d been there before so wasn’t sure if I could even class it as a date, but since we crossed paths again on bumble and both swiped right – why not! What do you do when you see a past date again on a dating app? Out of curiosity I swiped right and ping! You have a match… fancy seeing you here I messaged. So we got together mid week for some dinner and drinks. Yes dinner… a date where we were actually civilised and ate food with our drinks. Why do so many dates these days run away from the thought of dinner? Jeeze a girls gotta eat and really it doesn’t mean that much! There are so many places to eat, grab food or have a bite that it shouldn’t mean anything but I swear – its like a faux pas to suggest food on a date (especially a first date). Well I guess technically this was not a first date so perhaps thats why we could so easily order away.

First things first now… was I into him? Two things about this guy, I know him and know when he is bringing his A game. This dude could charm the pants of anyone with his quick wit and cheeky smile… i’ve been there before right. So I could tell quite quickly that we were not on ‘A’ date as although some cheeky innuendos had already popped up within the first few mins, he wasn’t going in on the flirty behaviour. We were being friendly. So I’d already thought, am I into him this time round? Not really TBH. I like this guy as we have things in common and similar aspirations, but I wanted him to come with the charm, the vibes and the pull factor but I wasn’t blown away by his presence this time. Oh well… the ramen noodles were fantastic and I love this place to eat so I left a happy camper fed and watered with a mid week smile! I’m sure he’ll be back on the case soon enough once and i’ll be able to decide if the friend zone is on lock down or has open boarders.


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