Date 6 – Mr Right Now

After my lovely dates with Mr Law (dates 4&5), I still was not feeling any passion. He came with complications and a whole lot of responsibility (3 kids and not quite divorced) which if I we had ‘clicked’ may not have been an issue. I mean, dating in your 40s means he is likely to have been married and have a children but after we couldn’t find a day to link in the week due to my busy work schedule and his parents evenings I totally went off him. TBH I just didn’t want to have to work around his 3 children’s priorities – is this selfish of me… probably but it’s my prerogative to want to be a priority. And like I said he just didn’t ‘click’ for me, ok being really honest I just didn’t fancy him.

I met Soca Addict (A person who loves Soca Music), obviously at a Soca Fete (a party with Soca music for those of you who don’t know the Trini expression). We met a few weeks ago and danced all night. Like all night. I’d planted myself not too far from him in the club and on cue he stepped right into the small of my back for a dance. It was his birthday and his brother and friends didn’t look too impressed that he wasn’t moving and had found a spot to wine all night… with me!

I knew nothing about him other than his name, he was single, from North London and that he was very tall and smelled nice. I didn’t have much conversation that night other than the usual rum induced chit chat but mostly wining.

After dating Mr Law and all the deep intellectual and ‘rather stimulating’ conversation… with this guy we chatted shit on the phone, had a laugh, talked about trash telly, where we used to rave and other Londonisms which was refreshing. I didn’t give him the 9 yards of questioning:

What are you looking for? When was your last relationship? What is your 5 year plan? What do you do for a living? Blah blah blah… so fucking boring. Perhaps these questions are only required when you don’t click, as conversation fillers or when you finally do click and have to check his ass isn’t a wasteman. Either way I just didn’t fancy going down that road on this date…. oh yeah back to the date!

He picked me up – good points, as most city dates don’t come with a ride and it was a cold windy night so I was happy to be driven.

He had a plan – good points, he suggested we go to a bar in Shoreditch which i’d never been to. Not my style bar at all but for the hell of it why not I thought!

The bar was a crazy drunken frenzy of a sat night boozer with constant club bangers and a latino vibe. OK. We can dance… oh and we did. All night again. This brother likes to dance I see, guess what? Good points, so do I!

He drove me home and before I’d even made up my mind on whether I was going to invite him up, he blatantly said ‘so you inviting me up then?’ I laughed and said ‘yeah why not’. Once upstairs in my flat looking out the window he kissed me… did I mention how tall he is? OMG I’m having to crick my neck right back to kiss him tall (I’m a tall girl and I don’t get that feeling very often) Definitely good points.

My thoughts of this night… great date, great kisser, great night with multiple Os, cuddles, more Os and good conversation. Sometimes you just gotta go with Mr Right now. I don’t know where this will lead, he’s not my usual type but we did click and right now, he felt so good! The constant search for Mr Right is tiresome. Maybe ‘Mr Right Now’ is someone who is challenging my perspective of what my ‘Mr Right’ should be?

Lets see hey!?

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  1. The process might be tiresome in dating, but I will say this, when you meet the right person, you going to enjoy every key phase of it…. from the first date, kiss, anniversary, etc and not looking at it as tiresome.

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