Dating in Self-Isolation

First of all… Stay at home!

Let’s not get it twisted, as much as I was enjoying my new dating life – I enjoy living more and am not about to put myself at risk of the Corona Virus for a random date. Even if he isn’t so random. That was the predicament last week. Mr Soca Addict and I have been talking and texting – not every day, but when we do talk we have some nice long chats which can go on for a couple hours.

He was supposed to come round and we were going to responsibly ‘not go out’ aka Netflix and chill last week and keep our social distance from other people. But as this virus has been ramping up here in the UK this became an impossibility. How could I bring him into my little bubble of isolation if I am to keep in touch with my mother who is in the ‘vulnerable’ age range? Man o man, I so wanted some company, physical touch and distraction last weekend after my first 7 days of working alone at home, but I had to tell him that we couldn’t meet up. He was cool – I mean if he wasn’t that would be a clear sign to boy bye.

So here I am, thinking about the effects Corona Virus is having on single people. In some respects it feels dumb to be even thinking about this when so many people are at risk and dying. Who cares about my single status when there are much bigger problems facing the world, our city, our neighbours, our friends and family? But it does bring another level of fear into my mind one which may not be present in the mind of those who have a partner or lover in this time. While we are on lockdown, isolation devoid of physical contact its so easy to think about the solitude and gravity of the situation before us. I see text messages and social media posts going around saying things like: Now is the time to be grateful for time with loved ones, spend time with your children, work on your relationships etc… I get it, I do, but these messages come from a privileged place of the assumption you are isolated with someone else. I can’t see the person I may or may not want to develop a relationship with, I can’t see friends and family members including my little nephews who give me so much joy. I am thankful that I made the decision not to Netflix and Chill as I am now isolated with my mother and we can keep each other safe. I’m just grateful I don’t have to be completely alone during this time.

So, spare a thought for those singletons out there… check in on friends, family members and neighbours who are on their own.

So as Corona Virus has put a stop to my dates, dating, going out, meeting someone and social life… I will keep my blog going with some throwback date stories! Lawd I have enough of them lol!

Stay home and chill x

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