Flirty Dirty Chit Chat

So me and Mr Right Now are still chatting, which is a positive sign considering our first date could very well turned out to be a one night stand. Well technically it kinda is, as i’ve not seen him since Covid-19 took care of that matter. Lockdown has us all having to actually have conversations with people again! Horrah! I am not being sarcastic either, I actually like conversations – I’m quite the analogue girl. Zoom calls have replaced let’s meet up for a drink, Friday and Saturday nights have us ‘going round to Spoony’s house’ for live house & garage sessions or logging in to some random zoom ‘party’ where you get to sit at home alone and get slightly pissed on the last bottle of wine you have left after 3 weeks of social distancing. I mean, we are making do, it’s better than nothing, but yes ok its shit. Shit shit shit. Fuck this shit. Ok now that is out of the way…

Mr Right now and I have been keeping things ‘alight’ with some nice long and chatty calls – kinda feels like olden days when i’d sit on the phone upstairs in my parents house (wait that’s exactly where I am now) chatting shit for hours – sometimes deep and meaningful and sometimes pure rubbish. So, because I can’t actually see him I’ve discovered that I can actually be quite a dab hand at some wonderfully filthy language! It’s not like i’ve never uttered a dirty word before or anything, I guess it’s been a while since i’ve had someone to chat on the phone to as much as this.

I told him exactly what i’d like him to do to me when we get out of this lockdown and that I expected him to be at the ready with some massage oil. Then there have been the texts… flirty day dreamy ‘I’ve just woken up thinking of you… all over me’ texts. Finding every opportunity to drop a little naughty talk into everyday chit chat. Well it’s keeping me amused at least.

He told me on one chat, I’ve got the voice of an ‘Angel with a devil on her shoulder’ – that’s right honey! A few days later, I get a text… ‘Guess what i’ve got?’… ‘What you got???’ I reply thinking maybe he found some nice rum or something back in stock from Sainsburys, my dear he sent me a pic of some organic massage oil! Oh this did this did make me smile! He’s thinking of me while shopping for ‘essentials’ lol!

My sexy chat is working!

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