Over before it started

Two weeks ago I thought i’d met someone really interesting and new on Hinge dating app. We had a great first lockdown date, where we went for solo walks in our respective lockdown zones and talked and talked for the longest time.

We then spent afternoons on the phone talking about our lives, families, hopes and wants for a relationship. Wow I thought this is actually the kind of conversation I want to be having with a man. Now don’t get me wrong i’ve been around in this game long enough to know not to get too excited too quick but, I was getting happily curious about this one.

He told me that he is broody and wants to have a baby soon, he told me he loves to travel and wants someone to travel with. He told me that he had been divorced for over 3 years and his son lives with the mother on the other side of town. This was all sounding great! We could align our lives, he can work remotely as can I! Lets fly away (after Covid-19 of course) and travel with our laptops and cabin bags, and have great sex and fall in love and make a baby! Yay all my dreams are coming true!

We chat daily for about 2 weeks and I’m starting to think about this guy, I confess he is making the lockdown so much easier and a damn sight more exciting than another netflix drama.

Roll on week 3… No message on my birthday. No message for the next 4 days. I check in just to see he has not contracted the ‘Rona’ and is still alive and I get a dreary response with no reason for me to reply.


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