The ‘like who likes you’ Challenge

So one one of the new lockdown features are zoom calls. Work ones can do one, but it’s actually been quite fun catching up with my girlfriends on a evening where we are all so bored of our own company we are happy to sit with the laptop with a glass of wine or cup of tea and spill.

This week we talked about all topics from Black Lives Matter to Corona and back. Both super serious, somewhat depressing and a bit all encompassing. To lighten the load me and one other friend go into our dating woes. I use the term ‘dating’ loosely as neither of us have had any success using these online sites. One friend in the group however has married her ‘met online’ love and professes that she just wants us all to be happy and in relationships that we can thrive in. She also gives us a right ticking off… saying we are too picky, have double standards and are taking it all a bit to personally. She says we need break up the week and just get some conversations going. She challenges us to go through the guys who have liked us only. But, I protest… They are all mingers!!!! If you look at my likes on Hinge it is pitiful – I only have about 4 likes (yeah I know) and Guardian Soulmates – well I do have 17 likes but the majority of those are verging on Grandad material or look like serial killers. Why do I have to suffer these old crusties!!!

Another friend pipes up and declares that the single men she knows who are our age don’t have THIS problem because quite frankly they have choice. In a nut shell their choice is not to be with a woman over 40. They are inundated with women, from all backgrounds from the age 20 and up. Put it straight they just aint into us. So that leaves us (single and over 40) with a small pool, which right or wrongly is what it is. So we either go with who likes us or we get off the apps and stop complaining. Harsh words, but I would actually have to agree. It is what it is.

Go with who likes you, or get off the apps and stop complaining!

So my single friend is working on the ‘Beeline’ courtesy of Bumble. I shall be working on Hinge and Guardian Soulmates (who are closing down at the end of June). A last hurrah attempt of finding an educated, witty, kind and age appropriate man… we shall see how it goes!

So to summarise, this is the challenge:

  1. Like only the guys who like you – Oh and you HAVE to like at least 2 of the men who have liked you first.
  2. Let them respond to you first
  3. Keep it light and flirty – aka don’t get too serious with the questions as let’s be honest this is boring AF
  4. Keep it moving – if they are slow to respond or don’t pick up the conversation… next!
  5. Get talking – what are we waiting for, we don’t have time for long ass text messages that end in catfish debarcles. Conversations and video calls will clear out the weridos.

If this works and we have some success, the next article will be a how to find a man online dating like those other dating websites lol!

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