Vibrational Energy

So I got to thinking about the last 2 or 10 dates i’ve had… Firstly I think that I’ve made a real effort to date since I started this blog in January. I think with my drive I could have had more if it were not for Covid throwing a spanner in the works. So well done me! (Someone’s got to big me up!)

With that said however, the caliber and intentions of these men have not been aligned with me and what I want from a relationship. I’ve been manifesting meeting a man, someone who will love me, someone who is kind, someone who I am attracted to. But the last two guys specifically were way off mark. They were both lonely, desperate men who really should not be dating but seeking some therapy or counselling, to work through their grief and personal issues.

So I beg the question – What am I doing attracting these type of men into my life? Is my vibrational flow off? Am I omitting a lonely, desperate vibe? You know how the saying goes… ‘Like attracts like’. Well I’ll be damned, faced with these two men who would be like blood sucking vampires on any good mood, I have to question what the fuck is going on?

Perhaps the lockdown has altered my vibrations? Scratch that… of course it has! It’s been the most fucked up year of bad news – isolation – bad news – worry – bad news – fear – bad news – and so on. So straight up I need to look within and review my own vibrations and not let these men bring me down.

So how do I change my vibrational energy? How do I align my vibrations with love and fabulosity?

Here is my plan of action:

It’s time for a new vision – or a more refined vision. I need to go an look at my last vision board and I need to add some new words to it. I need some new positive and specific words defining what it is exactly that I want. Then I am going focus on that and really visualise how it feels, what it looks like – aligning my feelings with my desire.

Self care
Smoothies, exercise, time out, sleep, music, baths, body butter, good food. Need I say more?

Radiate Love
I read that by sending out waves of love in to the world, those waves and vibrations will come back to you. Noticing the small things in the everyday that make me feel happy, loved and grateful. Telling people they are loved. Sending love to everything.

Yeah it may all sound a bit hippy dippy, but what have I got too lose? I am generally a positive and loving person so by recognising that there is an imbalance in my desires and what i’ve receiving is a positive and powerful thing.

I will meet a gorgeous, handsome, kind, loving, stable, funny, intelligent, cultured passionate man who is ready to settle down and ready to be my king. I will I will I will! Love love love. It’s coming my way…

10 dates down… let’s see how the next 10 do? What do you reckon – by 40 dates I should have found my man? Let’s hope we don’t have to go that far! Love love love!


Here is an blog I read which breaks down energy vibrations and how to heal your vibrations.

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