Date 11 – Breaks up the week

So in the spirit of being open (see my last post on vibrational energy), I decided to open up my search preferences – the age limits specifically. After the last date with a guy who was in his late 40’s, I thought younger is definitely more my thing! I dropped my age bracket requirements which for the record was 37 – 48. Random numbers I know, but I do want to start a family and 50 year old men don’t really rock my boat. Although I will never say never as, yup I am open! Open to all possibilities!

Low and behold, the pings start coming in! Younger men are just better at the dating game. Well they are better at sending likes and having a conversation for starters. So within a day i’ve got conversations going with 3 cuties. No.1 (28) – super cute, looks like an r’n’b sweet boy – oh i’m cracking up! He’s sending all these cute compliments, I don’t mind if I do! Why? Because it breaks up the week! Lol. The next is (32), and looks a bit wild, slim with big hair. We have a bit of chat, he wanted to chat further but the conversation with No.3 (34) was warming up nicely. This one has a bit of spark, with witty and flirty messages, we ended up connecting on whatsapp and arranged to meet for a date that very afternoon. Nice bit of spontaneity!

So I met him in a bar, local to me, which was perfectly easy for a Saturday afternoon, after cleaning the flat and tidying up, I was ready for a glass of vino and a chat. He was cute, and the conversation was pretty cool. I didn’t really feel any kind of spark or attraction from either of us. But as they say… it breaks up the week!


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