Date 7 – Mr Picky

Halleujah I got out of lockdown last week for my first date since lockdown. I followed the ‘like who likes you‘ challenge from my last post and matched with someone who I thought I’d dated once some years ago.

The sun was shining, our UK heatwave had us all out and excited. I even ordered a new outfit for the date, so was looking super fine (if I do say so myself). Nails done, legs and pits shaved, eyebrows plucked to perfection (or as close as I can get), my ever growing afro is puffed up and I’ve got my makeup done. Nothing to fancy for a park date, but enough so that I feel that i’ve made an effort and for him to see that I am just so sparkling fine!

First impressions. He’s rolled up outside my house in a big Mercedes Benz soul music playing and flippin heck… Man is looking fine. Glad I made the effort. It feels strange getting into his car, as i’ve actually been following social distancing and i’m about to get the closest i’ve been to a stranger for a long time. Ok stranger is an exaggeration… but guess what he was not the guy who I thought it was. I haven’t dated this hotness before, but I do know him, just cannot figure out from where. Turns out we know each other through a mutual friend – ahh ok! Thats cool still.

He drives us to the park, stopping by his place to pick up the liquid picnic. Two bottles of rum no less, a couple ginger beers and colas, a blanket, speakers and off we go to have some fun in the sun! We arrive and pick up a couple of slush puppies add the rum and oh my I feel myself smiling from the inside out. What more could I want right now? He takes his shirt off and lays back and we spend the afternoon chatting, laughing and drinking rum. We talked about all sorts, I felt really good about the flow between us. I didn’t go into the whole ‘what are you looking for’ relationship chit chat but instead let the convo flow in whatever direction. At one point however relationships did come up and he mentioned in a flyaway comment ‘I seem to be more and more picky as I get older’. What does that mean I asked in return. ‘Ah let’s not get into that right now’ was the response.

I seem to be more and more picky as I get older

45, Single, never married, no kids

The sun was setting and this is when we realise we are pissed and a bit stoned (yep he even provided some of that). I end up back at his place where he ordered us a pizza and we chatted some more, smoked some more, drank some more till it was past my (lockdown) bedtime.

Now if this had been a date during regular circumstances I can pretty much guarantee that we would have been snogging each others faces off and getting a bit naughty on the sofa. Not this time. Although we chilled all day we did keep some distance and didn’t do the whole touchy feely thingy. FFS. I am so sick of this shit Covid-19 lockdown anti-single fucking summer we are having. He walked me out to the uber (now masked up) and kind of came in for an awkward can we hug goodbye.

I thought the date went well and was pretty excited for a few days. It’s now been a week since said date and the text messages are dull as dishwater. I get the message. It’s a shame as I thought we had quite a bit in common. He is 45, single and no kids. I was truly thinking this one could be a serious contender. Intellectual conversation, silly jokes, business minded, ambitious, good looking, seems to have his shit together…

So after a week of the odd message here and there and no flirting and definitely no chat, I’m one step away from being ghosted. He is obviously not interested, perhaps this is what he was alluding to with his ‘picky’ statement. I think this is quite typical of men in this age group who have a kind of peter pan mentality that they are the cream of the fucking crop. Women are often criticised for having ticklists when it comes to looking for a man, but I think that this type of men are the ones who have delusionally grand tick lists.

….men in this age group who have a kind of peter pan mentality that they are the cream of the fucking crop.



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  1. I feel your pain, sister. If he is 45, single, and no children, he has been picky all along. There are a lot of great women out there; men have no excuse for not having one.

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